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Down East
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Down East Voices
Down East VoicesDown East VoicesDown East Voices
Down East Voices
Down East Voices
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Down East News
Down East NewsDown East NewsDown East News
Down East News
Welcome to Down East Community News!
Read stories written by or about our local folks!

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Down East News
Down East NewsDown East NewsDown East News
Down East News
News and Stories from Down East
Read responses from our first readers today!  Read the responses...
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The Mailboat - 
Read here!

"This Is Core Sound"  
by T. Edward Nickens  Read More  
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Down East VoicesDown East Voices
Down East VoicesDown East VoicesDown East Voices
Down East VoicesDown East VoicesDown East VoicesDown East Voices
Down East VoicesDown East VoicesDown East Voices
Down East VoicesDown East Voices
Down East Voices
Down East VoicesDown East Voices
Archived Aricles
Each story written for Down East Voices can be found here.

  Editor's Blog
"Strait Talk"

"A Working Decoy"
~~ by Heber Guthrie  Full story
"The Education of an Island Boy" by Joel Hancock     Read the blog!

Benefits of the Scenic Byway!
First the North Carolina Outer Banks Scenic Byway, and then the Outer Banks National Scenic Byway, this route holds two designations that make Down East, Ocracoke, and Hatteras Island very proud.  Continue reading.....

"The Shoes"  
by Billy Merkley -  Read More 

Down East Tid Bits
Click here to read about those little things that are happening Down East!  
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What is Down East?
Read more here.
Kathy Geller Gillikin is our current Artist of the Month!  Kathy taught art at East Carteret and touched the lives of so many students in a special way during her career.  Now she is pursuing art on her own time!  As you view the pictures of her work, you will be amazed at her wonderful talent.  To see some of their work, click this link!
The Outer Banks Heritage Trails  and the Down East Kayak Paddle Trails map can now be found in visitors centers and businesses througout Carteret County, Ocracoke and Hatteras. Information about the brochure can be found here.
The Down East Paddle Trail Map is also available. This map provides 16 different  paddle trails in the Down East area.  You can catch a glimpse of this map by going to this link. 

"Where Monkeys Abound"  
by Chris Hunter -  Read More  
Life Enrichment Classes
Carteret Community College

From ballroom dancing to yoga, CCC offers these classes at very reasonable prices!  Check out the latest offerings here.
Down East Council now has a dedicated page on our website.  We will be posting minutes from their meetings, any upcoming events, as well as highlighting projects that are underway.  Check out their page here or on the menu bar on the left!  The page is currently being updated, so keep checking back!

The Council will hold its monthly meeting on Monday, December 1 at the Williston UMC beginning at 7:00 pm  All Down East residents are encouraged to attend!
Core Sound Waterfowl Museum & Heritage Center

Dollar-for-Dollar Match up to $20,000 for
New & Returning Members
Now through Waterfowl Weekend
Read more here.

Corolla Wild Horses
Welcome a Shackleford Descendent from Cedar Island!

Reprinted from Corolla Wild Horses post on Facebook.

Did you know that many of the wild horses on Cedar Island are also Colonial Spanish Mustangs just like the horses on Shackleford Banks?  The wild horses of Corolla have suffering a decline in the genetic line.  As a means of inserting new DNA into the herd, a horse from Cedar Island was recently transported to Corolla.  DNA testing indeed prove the Cedar Island horse, among others located there, are part of the same mustangs from here many years ago.  Read more here about this project.


4th Annual
International Film Series

To read more information about the films that will be presented, read here
All proceeds go to support CCC students & programs.

The Carteret Local Foods Network will be hosting a meeting to garner support for and interest in local foods.  Should you get involved?  Absolutely!   To find out information, please read more here.
Community Happenings!
Be sure to visit the "Community Happenings" link!  There are fund raiser benefits, craft bazaar's, blood drive, and Christmas food drive and other events happening Down East!
"A Stretch Called Down East"
TRAVELS WITH RIGBY is a website devoted to writing about travel, food and music - and, of course, the dog!   So we found this article about Down East and was very excited to see this story about one of our own - Brother Gaskill!  Read the article here

They also give get tips on traveling with a dog! Not to mention the info on food and travel destinations!
NOAA team discovers two vessels from WWII convoy battle
off North Carolina
Read more here.
Down East
Christmas Parade!
The Down East Christmas Parade will be held on Sunday,
December 14, 3:00 pm at Atlantic.  For more details, how to
register and entry in the parade and whom to contact, click here!


So God Made a Fisherman
"So God Made a Fisherman" is a video tribute to commercial fishermen created by Joel Hancock and Cathy Rose.

"In 1978, as American farmers struggled to survive in a changing economy, Paul Harvey’s “So God Made a Farmer” became part of the American consciousness. Now, as Core Sound watermen are engaged in a similar struggle, Cathy Rose and I have prepared a tribute to our family and friends who strive to make a living “in the water.”

So God made a Fisherman!      Joel Hancock

View the video here.


Running Free: The Wild Horses of Shackleford Banks
2015 CSWM&HC Photography Competition & Exhibition

Shackleford horses are always a feature of Cape Lookout that amazes and mesmerizes everyone.  Do you have pics taken of these wonderful creatures?  If so, join wth others to enter this photo contest.  More information is available here.

Ferry Crew Receives Governor's Award
A Cedar Island ferry crew was honored Tuesday with the Governor’s Award for Excellence in Safety and Heroism for the September 2013 rescue of two people in rough seas off of Ocracoke Island.  Read more here.

New Appointee to
Marine Fisheries Commission
Alison Willis appointed to the NC Marine Fisheries Commission in the commercial fishermen seat vacated by Paul Rose yesterday. Alison lives and works on Harkers Island. She is manager of Mr. Big Seafood and Core Sound Seafood.
Copyright © 2011 North Carolina Fisheries Association. All Rights Reserved.