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Downeast Community NewsDowneast Community NewsDowneast Community News
Downeast Community News
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Down East Voices
Down East VoicesDown East VoicesDown East Voices
Down East Voices
Down East Voices
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Down East News
Down East NewsDown East NewsDown East News
Down East News
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The Mailboat - 
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"This Is Core Sound"  
by T. Edward Nickens  Read More  
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Down East VoicesDown East Voices
Down East VoicesDown East VoicesDown East Voices
Down East VoicesDown East VoicesDown East VoicesDown East Voices
Down East VoicesDown East VoicesDown East Voices
Down East VoicesDown East Voices
Down East Voices
Down East VoicesDown East Voices
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  Editor's Blog
"Strait Talk"
~Did You Know??~
~There's More Than One Down East??~
Updated June 18, 2014
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"A Working Decoy"
~~ by Heber Guthrie  Full story
“A Sense of Place: 
Down East and Beyond
This article can be  found at:
Read the article here
"The Education of an Island Boy" by Joel Hancock     Read the blog!

<a href="">Flash Required</a>
Flash Required
Benefits of the Scenic Byway!
First the North Carolina Outer Banks Scenic Byway, and then the Outer Banks National Scenic Byway, this route holds two designations that make Down East, Ocracoke, and Hatteras Island very proud.  Continue reading.....

"The Shoes"  
by Billy Merkley -  Read More 

Down East Tid Bits
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What is Down East?
Read more here.
Two Down East locals have been providing Facebook folks with some great shots of our area!  It cannot go without saying they have done an excellent job!  So - our next artists of the month - more than worthy of the recognition - are:  Rosie Griffin and Cathy Rose!!  Congratulations!  To see some of their work, click this link!
Core Sound Waterfowl Museum
Core Sound Waterfowl Museum offers many opportunities for you to participate and enjoy.  Events for the remainder of this year can be found
   Saltwater Connections

The Outer Banks Heritage Trails  and the Down East Kayak Paddle Trails map can now be found in visitors centers and businesses througout Carteret County, Ocracoke and Hatteras. Information about the brochure can be found here.
The Down East Paddle Trail Map is also available. This map provides 16 different  paddle trails in the Down East area.  You can catch a glimpse of this map by going to this link. 

"Where Monkeys Abound"  
by Chris Hunter -  Read More  
         Carteret Community College
Carteret Community College Foundation, Inc. provides continued support to CCC students and programs throughout the year.  If you would like to know how you can be a part of supporting your community's future, sign up by going here.  From news, events, tournaments, and alumni activities, we are sure to have something to interest you in our monthly newsletters.
Down East Library
The Down East Library is asking each of us to fill out a Community Survey - It'll help the library determine what they can do to make our little library serve us better!  YOU CAN ALSO DO THE SURVEY ONLINE! Go to and click on the "We Need You" poster. It'll take you to the survey. Fill it out right there! You'll be helping the library become bigger and better! Thanks!

Down East Council is a representative group from each of the thirteen communities from Bettie to Cedar Island.  The vision of the council is:  To serve as a unified voice of our Down East Communities, promoting a growing economy while protecting our heritage and our natural resources.

The council has been reviewing the results from the Down East Community survey that many of the residents completed - almost 1,100 in all!  Another major project in the works is to erect "Welcome to Down East" signs at each of the two entrances to Down East.  Lots going on!

Participation by residents is the key.  We have had good representation thus far, but some communities are still not represented.  We encourage and invite any Down East resident to begin attending these meetings and help us to fulfull the vision we have for our area.

The next meeting is Monday, October 6 at the Davis Fire Department.  Questions, contact James Morris, Tom Hesselink or Lillie Chadwick Miller. 
September Horse Sense tours was thoroughly enjoyed by those that attended!   One highlight was watching the youngest filly ford tidal creeks and race around the marsh. The October and November tours have space available. Call 252-728-2250 for more information.
Horse Sense Tours!
Cape Lookout Seashore
New Windows and Fresh Coat of Paint!!
She's getting new windows and paint!  That's right - Cape Lookout will be looking better than ever this fall as new windows are being installed and a fresh coat of paint.  Thanks to Donald Leopard for these great pics!!  We love our lighthouse and it's great to see her being taken are of!!   Windows are being replaced now and the painting to begin later in the fall.

Down East Mourns the
Loss of Two Wonderful People
Down East, and especially Davis Shore, are mourning the loss of two wonderful individuals ~ Dennis Harvey and Valerie Piner Yeomans. 

But out of the tragedy has sprung forth a community committed to remembering and honoring the lives of both individuals.  Read more here about the great tribute.

To respond to this tremendous loss, let all of Down East joing together by displaying your crap pot Christmas tree during this time. 

        Shackleford's Erosion Rate     
  Affected by Beaufort Inlet Dredging
Dr. Stanley Riggs, a coastal and marine geologist, said dredging projects in Beaufort Inlet are directly contributing to the declining shoreline along the western part of Shackleford Banks.  Read more of this article here
Down East Council is sponsoring an art competition for a new “Welcome to Down East” sign with a $100 award to the artwork selected provided by Styron Insurance. The DEC will select the winner during the November meeting. The artwork request is for a concept sketch that will be developed by a sign company for a final product. Submissions are due October 31 and can be submitted via email to: Submissions can also be given to Lillie Chadwick Miller at Chadwick Bros. Marine / Down East Kayaks in Straits. Questions can also be directed to Lillie by calling 252-728-4566.
    "Welcome to Down East" Signs
                 Art Competition